Passage of the Ice Hunters

24x72 Acrylic on Canvas

"Passage of the Ice Hunters" is inspired by the changes happening in the polar region. The painting is a reflection on two hunters who have for centuries shared similar roles in a demanding ecosystem. The native hunter almost a memory in the blowing snow, a spirit of a waning time replaced by circumstance and encroachment, gives way to the traveling bear who seems to have outlasted the man only by the length of time it will take for the blowing snow to fill his tracks, the last evidence of his once majestic existence. Yet the bear seems strong and intentional in his travel as if to say that he will outlast the man and find a path to survival. It's a moving portrayal regardless of your interpretation or what your personal take is on the social, political and environmental forces at work. I for one hope the bear and hunter maintain their rightful places in the natural circle of life.

Detailed Close-up Images posting soon.

For Sale $2,500

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Polar Bear Painting