Hunt Fish Paint | 2017 Summer Portrait Promotion

2017 Summer Portrait Promotion

June 26, 2017

2017SummerSpecial2017SummerSpecial Our 2017 Summer Portrait Promo has launched. You can order a 24x30 acrylic painting on canvas for $400.00. That is a great value. The normal price for that size starts at $800. Folks ask how we can offer our paintings on sale. Let me stress that our sales do not de-value the artistry that goes into each of our works. Each painting, regardless of price, gets our full attention. It was our goal when we started painting portraits for hunters and fishermen to offer works at prices comparable to what a hunter would pay for a quality deer shoulder mount. We are not competing with the taxidermist, but offering a complementary product. Most of our clients have both a mount and a painting. Taxidermists love and promote our work. A painting can tell more of the story of the hunt. Sportsmen often get a mount for the office and a painting for their home. We developed our modern acrylic technique specifically to allow us to produce amazing paintings that would be affordable for any budget. Market demand and material costs continue to go up. Our prices have followed that trend. Several times throughout the year we place bulk orders for supplies on larger jobs. This summer we have painted a number of large murals. This has allowed us to order paint in quantity at a huge discount. Whenever we can do that I order extra paint for the studio and pass the savings on to my portrait clients. Most artists would never offer their work at discounted prices. That's fine if you are producing art that is collected by investors, but our mission as artists is to "Add value to the lives of others through our work". Getting you the best price possible is a big part of fulfilling that mission. In the end you get a one of a kind family heirloom at a price that won't break the bank. In return we get the priviledge of sharing in your outdoor experience and put a little profit in our pocket. So how can we offer a completed framed painting for a price that is comparable to what an empty frame would likely cost? Stay tuned to this blog and we will take you behind the scenes and show you just how we are able to do it. Feel free to download the flyer in this blog and share it with your freinds. Keeping a steady stream of work coming in is one of the keys to keeping our prices not to big, not to small, but just right.

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