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Eatin' Puddin' & Pie

June 28, 2017

Cherry A la modeCherry A la mode I love to eat and it's no secret. I've been a fan of mashed tater's and corn since before I was weaned. I'll eat just about anything, but prefer good stuff from the garden and the field. When I was a young boy I'd rather have a sweet potato than a bag of candy. Now don't get me wrong - I love candy too. Once I stuck my tongue to the frost on the freezer box of our fridge. Mama came runnin' when she heard me cryin'. Don't quite remember but I think she thought I was spoofin' and she pulled me free leaving a layer of my taste buds on the icebox. It hurt. My tongue swelled up real good. Mama worried over me as she always does. She wanted to know if she could get me anything to make it feel better. I mumbled out a garbled reply, "a BumberFimber" (Butterfinger). Surely one of my favorite candy bars would make my tongue feel better! That story of course went down in family history. I also loved any kind of fruit in a tree. Green apples, persimmons, pawpaws, mulberrys, plums you name it. I once took an apple from a tree and bit into it only to discover there was a wasp on that apple. My tongue swelled up from that misadventure as well. When it comes to pie I have a firm rule. Pudding is for pie and fruit is for cobbler. There is one exception to that rule though - Cherry pie. Cherry pie is delightful if it's made right. I've had many pieces of cherry pie that weren't fit to eat (but I ate them anyway). The crust has to be light, flaky and glazed to perfection. I am particularly fond of cherry pies with a lattice work top crust. I like my cherry pie filling nice and tart. I'm not really fond of the overly sweet cough syrupy kind. Some folks like cherry crumble. Not this guy. It's kind of like eating gunk covered with sand. Have to admit that our friend Shirley recently surprised us with a cherry crumble that was one of the best desserts I ever had. I'm not sure but I think she put those Hot Tamale candies in there. The crumble was more cookie like. It was heavenly. Maybe there's hope for crumble after all. Since I love cherry pie it was only natural to do a cherry pie painting. While I was painting "Cherry A la mode", my memories went back to the last cherry pie I baked myself. I was visiting my Grandma and Grandpa Wood. It was a Sunday afternoon and Grandma had cooked up a wonderful meal. Meat, fried taters and Grandpa's famous homegrown corn. I had made a cherry pie and it had cooled down just enough to cut and serve with some vanilla ice cream. Grandma took time to state how she didn't know how Grandpa and I could possibly have room for pie after just finishing several plates each that were heaped with fried taters'. I grinned and started off singing the song Roly Poly by Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys, while Grandma served up the pie and ice cream. To my amusement Grandpa joined in the singing midway through the first verse.

"Hey Roly Poly eatin' corn and taters hungry every minute of the day
Roly Poly knowin' all the biscuits long as he can chew it it's okay
He can eat an apple pie and never even bat an eye
He likes everything from a soup to hay
Roly Poly daddy's little fatty and he's gonna be a man someday
Roly Poly scrambled eggs for breakfast bread and jelly twenty times a day
Roly Poly eats a hard day dinner it takes lots of strength to run and play
Bowls up weeds and does the chores run both ways to Holday's stores
He wears up that apetite that way
Roly Poly daddy's little fatty but he's gonna be a man someday"

It was the first time I had ever heard Grandpa sing. He held a tune real good. It was hilarious to watch him stuff his mouth with cherry pie, while singing and grinning from ear to ear all at the same time. I'll never forget it. I'm not sure if he was so happy because the pie tasted so good, tickled at the fact that I even knew that song or just letting some of his normal orneriness out, but it was a happy time as were all the times we spent together around Grandma's table eatin' good food and enjoying each other's company. Of course my pie was no match for one of Grandma's blackberry cobblers, but she thought it was a real treat to eat my cherry pie. I'm sure the PC police will be all up in arms about this story - fat shaming song and all. GET OVER IT and by the way "Pass the pie!"

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