Hunt Fish Paint | Fine Art Way Down Blues

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Way down blues is for sale. Contact A.J by email at to inquire about purchasing this one of a kind painting.

Detail 1: Way Down Blues was created by dripping and pouring enamalized paint from fingers and wooden sticks. The dimensional qualities of this painting add to the energy. Laying in subtle drop shadows behind the strings take the dimensionality even further. The paintings sings with artistic movement.

Way Down Blues has Pollack like cues and melds impressionistic, expressionistic and abstract attributes.

Although the application of paint creates an abstract style, the subject matter is recognizable as a cool acoustic blues guitar! This is an iconic artwork that would be right at home as the focal point of a loft apartment, recording studio, blues bar or restaurant.

Genuine mother of pearl was used in the white areas. The photos don't do the effect justice. When viewed in real life the pearl really adds a jewel like quality to the paint.

Way Down Blues in a contemporary setting. This gives a sense of how this art becomes a decor focal point. It is even more impressive in real life.

This is an art card that accompanied the painting in a recent gallery show.