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Our Mission

Our mission as artists is to: "Add value to the lives of others through our talent." We reach that goal by depicting people, places, things, and events that people are passionate about. We usually work from your reference photos. This is a special challenge as most photos weren't taken with having a painting made from it in mind. Those photos are part of your story and can be elevated and expressed in a very artistic way. You may have a cherished snapshot taken of a special person or moment that is very meaningful to you. More than often it's not the best photo for display purposes due to poor lighting, composition or the effects of aging. When a painting is created from such a keepsake it takes on a special transformation that brings back the spirit of the moment it was captured. When we work on your project we become involved in your story and depict it in a way that can only be realized with paint and canvas. Through artistic skill we can pull out the focal points, perfect the composition and lighting, and combine it with the spiritual touch of our brush. It is said a photo is worth a thousand words. We believe our paintings are worth a thousand tears. We have come to that conclusion from the many people who have wept with joy when they have received our works as gifts. It's a frequent reaction. Though we take great satisfaction in those responses it's really just a confirmation of the good things and good times in a person's life. We are greatly blessed to share in those moments with each of our clients. As we add value to your life through our artistic talent, you add value to ours we come to know you a new friend. A good painting keeps you company when you are all alone, it says goodbye as you leave your home, and greets you when you return. Help us move our mission forward by celebrating life with a new painting made just for you and the loved ones in your life.

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How to order

Free Consultation

Our portraits are custom by nature so the best way to provide you with the ultimate artwork is to offer you a free consultation before processing your order. Most of our paintings are created from client supplied photo reference. We suggest you choose a photo or group of photos that you feel would be best reference for a painting and submit them via email at . We will then provide for you our suggestions on size, composition and any creative ideas we may have.

Reference Photos

We prefer original photos via email as photos processed through text, messenger, Facebook etc. are compressed and important reference detail is lost or obscured. We understand this is not always possible so we will accept images via any source, but we appreciate the very best you have. If your photos are already on Facebook and you no longer have the original just let us know as it is of no value to save them and then email them as we can retrieve them via Facebook and save you the hassle.

Poor Quality Photos or No Photos

If you have older photos or photos that are of poor quality we will work with you to make the best of what you have. The beauty of our paintings is in creating something beautiful that captures the spirit of your memories when the photo/photos you have fall short of that goal. We can help you during our consultation to source alternate photos for reference or by having you repose a situation for a better reference photo. There are too many options to list, so we prefer to work through the best options for your situation with you on a one to one basis. We will make this an easy intuitive process for you that will result in the best possible outcome both for the client and the artist.

Placing Your Order

Once we have worked through the brief consultation process and have determined the size and creative details of your order we will be ready to reserve an easel and begin work on your custom art. If you are a new customer we will require a deposit before we begin the work. We accept payment via PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Check or Cash. Once we receive the deposit work will begin. Each painting is different. Some are more difficult than others. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to complete your painting. You will be contacted when the painting nears completion to arrange delivery.

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General pricing for your painting is based on size and complexity and is listed below. These prices include free gallery wrap on quality stretcher bars. This allows the painting to be displayed without framing. The canvas will have 1.5 inch deep canvas edges that are painted to match the face of the canvas. This is a very contemporary display option that suits any decor. Of course we suggest your painting be framed to accentuate the art. We offer custom framing for your painting and can ship your painting framed and ready to hang. Framing costs are listed and include the extra cost of crating and shipping your painting framed. If you plan to frame your art locally we suggest you consider Hobby Lobby as a source. Hobby Lobby carries a variety of frame mouldings that are beautiful for framing a gallery wrapped canvas and they offer bi-weekly 50% sales on custom framing. There are other custom frame sources that will offer a higher quality offering, but our clients have found Hobby Lobby to offer a solid service at a great value.

NOTE: Extra Charges apply for high detailed compositions with multiple subjects - Determine through FREE consultation


Modern Acrylic on Somerset Velvet Fine Art Paper.  Ships flat for framing under glass or panel mount and varnished for glassless display. Free Shipping

22x30 = $250


Modern Acrylic on Canvas Gallery Wrapped on deep stretcher bars for frameless display. Free Shipping

16x20 = $400 (Half body pose) $450 (Full Body) + $100 for framing - FREE crating and shipping

18x24 = $500 (Half body pose only) $550 (Full Body) + $100 for framing - FREE crating and shipping

22x28 = $600 + $100 for framing - FREE crating and shipping

24x30 = $650 + $100 for framing - FREE crating and shipping

24x36 = $700 + $100 for framing - FREE crating and shipping

30x40 = $750 + $150 for framing - FREE crating and shipping

36x48 = $1000 + $150 for framing - FREE crating and shipping

40x60 = $1500 + $250 for framing - FREE crating and shipping

40x72 = $2000 + $300 for framing - FREE crating and shipping


Masters Reserve Portraits. Painted in Oils in the classic Venetian style. Prices range from $7,500 to $30,000. Extra large pieces available for Museums and special collections.


Special Pricing - Special pricing is available on select sizes seasonally - for tradeshow offers and for Members of Delta Waterfowl. Please enquire at any time to find out what offers are available.


We accept payment via PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Check or Cash. We will send an electronic invoice via email to you to process the payment of your choice. Payment will be due upon completion of your art and once received we will crate and ship your painting.  We are happy to work with our clients to set up a multiple payment schedule as an option to fit your needs.


We use Fedex to ship your painting. We are happy to have had a 100% safe delivery of our paintings. We custom crate each work and each painting is ready to display upon arrival. We do offer free shipping to any location within the United States. Your painting will be shipped and a tracking number transmitted upon full payment of your commissioned art. We frequently deliver for free to local clients.

Reaching Us

It is the nature of our business to be out of pocket for hours at a time. When we are painting we are 100% engrossed in our work. When we reach time for a break, we wash our brushes, let the painting rest and check our messages. We ask for patience in responding to your messages. We can be reached via phone, text, email or messenger. We appreciate your involvement in the process of creating your masterpiece and will always respond, but our response may be delayed at times.

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