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How to Order

Ordering a trophy portrait is simple. Just email me to get started. It's that simple. Each portrait is custom so I will approach it that way - one to one with you.

How long will it take?


Generally 4-6 weeks. This varies depending on my workload and quality of the supplied reference. I will consult you on this once you contact me (Oil Portraits take up to 6 months). I will accept rush orders and will work late nights and weekends if you need, but I do charge extra for that.


Reference Photos.


I have a hard time painting what I can't see. I need photo reference to work from. Getting a good photo is often difficult. Sporting events always seem to be in poor lighting, and it's tough to get a good action shot. We often find our deer after dark, catch our giant catfish in the mud, and need to pack light when chasing bighorns. Do the best you can and I'll do my part to make it all work. It is best to start with a decent camera or find a friend that loves to takes photos as a hobby. Take your time and get the best shot you can.


I didn't get a good photo!


Don't panic. I paint portraits when the photo is either terrible, or it was just impossible to get the shot. This includes portraits from historical accounts where there is no photo available. I know my sports and wildlife. Tell me the story and we will figure out a way to create a painting.


For the person in the portrait. If you can't get the shot or missed the moment, try to pose it up at a later time. This is even a good idea if you did get the shot, but the lighting was poor. For sports dress up in your uniform and take some static poses and action shots. For hunting & fishing, If it was a catch and release or the trophy is already processed, pose yourself without the animal. Try to do it in a similar position. You can even pose with another persons catch or a smaller fish and I will paint in the real trophy in perfect size and scale. If you have had the trophy mounted, you can take photos of the mount for reference. Take it outside and pose with it in partial shade for the best shots.


What about Grandpa's Fish from 1932 or Dad's Famous Touchdown

These are some of the most exciting portraits I work on. Send me as many photos of "Grandpa" or "Dad" from that era. Give me a description of the event and/or photos of the trophy or team and I'll create a painting from the supplied reference.

I'm not a Pro Photographer

Don't worry the painting is where we add the drama and style. I just need something to guide me. I actually prefer simple snapshots over artsy photos. Do your best, I'll do the rest.


Sports Photos Tips

• Use a high ISO in tough lighting. Images with high ISO noise are not a problem for me as long as their is sufficient detail and resolution.

If you need to you can repose your athlete in your own back yard or living room. Put on the uniform, grab a ball and do some posing. Try some static and action shots.

• Get a few facial close ups from various angles


Can I send you newspaper photos or video captures?

Both are usable, but not preferable. These can be great if you have additional photo reference from the same angles

What about team photos or professional photos?

 Copyright issues are often a challenge. I suggest you do the following if you are unable to take suitable reference yourself.

• Ask a student from your school or the local college photography class to do the photos for you (get a release)

• Ask a friend or fellow parent who is an amateur camara buff to take your photos.


Hunting & Fishing photo Tips

 Before the trip

 It is best to start with a decent camera. Camera phone photos are useable but marginal. I'd rather you took a disposable film camera. A good compact digicam and some common sense are your best friend.


Camera Tips

Take a quality digicam with ample card

Take a back up disposable film camera or two

Use the highest quality jpeg setting

Remember xtra batteries

Take your time (It's not an inconvenience for your guide or group)

Prepare beforehand for catch and release situations

Take both flash and no flash

Get plenty of pics

Ask others to take pics with their cameras

Helpful offsite links

Better Trophy Photos

Better Fish Photography


Can I send you a copyrighted photo?

Copyright means what it says, but if you do not have alternative reference we will contact the photographer and get a release to base our painting on that photo.

Can I have you take my reference photos?

 I love to do this when for local clients, and usually include the service in the cost of the artwork.

How do I submit photos?

 I prefer digital photos in their largest size. You can send files up to 10 mb directly to me via email at

 If email proves to be difficult let me know and I'll walk you through it.

 For film photos and heirloom photos PLEASE visit a local photo service or office store to scan these photos for you.

 Scanning specs

300 ppi @ 100% size

Save as JPEG quality 10 or higher

Save on a CD (You can email images to me from the CD - some photo stores will email for you.)


Some things I might need to produce the best artwork.

• Good facial reference - as many angles as possible

• Persons Eye Color - (Cameras don't always get this very good)

• Size and Weight of trophy

• Place and time of year of the event


How do I pay?

Sending your photos for a consultation is entirely free with no strings attached. Once you decide to go forward I will require a 50% deposit with the balance due upon completion. When your balance is paid in full I will ship the art to you. You can pay via

 • Check • Money Order • PayPal • Credit or Debit

 I will assist you in the payment method of your choice.