Hunt Fish Paint | Masters Reserve Portraits

Our Masters Reserve Oil Portraits are now available. We are currently finishing paintings in this series and will be announcing their completion along with images and video for you to view soon. Masters Reserve portraits differ from our popular acrylic offerings in the way they are created and in the materials used.

How we do our standard portraits.

Our acrylic portraits are worked out as concepts virtually on an ipad or on a separate physical surface then mechanically transferred to the canvas where it serves as the "underpainting" for the final brushwork in acrylic paint. We dont paint over photos or use photoshop filters in any way, the underpainting is still created by hand one brushstroke at a time but separate from the final canvas. The use of modern tools and technology along with fast drying acrylic paint greatly reduce the time invested in our acrylic portraits allowing us to offer a level of detail previously only available in works that took months to complete. Variations of these methods have been used by artists going back to as early as the twelfth century and similar techniques are widely employed by commercial illustrators where tight deadlines require realistic imagery to be produced in a short period of time. Many artists use a detailed drawing that is transferred to the canvas via tracing or projector to assist in accurate placement of the subjects features and details. These process are common among many of the wildlife artists that are currently represented in your wildlife art print collection. These illustration techniques are the best solution when we are working from photos that were not specifically posed with a painting in mind. The results are amazing and much appreciated by our clients.

How Masters Reserve Oil Portraits differ.

Some patrons are enamored by the allure of a portrait painted freehand in oils after the manner of the old masters.  Painting in a classical style takes considerable time and requires a serious investment. For clients that desire the ultimate painting regardless of cost we now offer our Masters Reserve oil series. Since we are still limited to working with your field photos rather than live models we start with a series of pencil roughs to get the composition, pose, and values worked out with a mind toward creating a true masterpiece. We then display your photos and our sketches on a super large LCD screen just a few feet from our easel so it is as close as having live models as possible. We then begin painting directly on fine linen canvas building your portrait layer by layer with no other tools but a traditional sable brush and the finest oil paint. These paintings take 6 months to a year to complete and fully dry before they can be varnished and prepared for display. The resulting art is worthy of museum display right along with the greatest masters of the past and have no contemporary equal. Masters Reserve Paintings are true investments for the most serious collector. They are available in personal and safari room sizes and are priced in accordance to traditional portraiture of this caliber. We will also be offering our Masters Reserve Safari Murals that are painted to scale and replicated on porcelain, glass, ceramic or stone tiles that are assembled into incredible wall and floor murals. We have produced many of these murals for commercial spaces for clients such as Walt Disney, Hilton Hotels, Princess Cruise Lines, etc. These tile murals are perfect for home lodge or office and are available in sizes from 12x18 inches to thousands of square feet.