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The perfect anniversary Gift. I slightly recomposed the scene, adding detail to the column and flowers and some golden glow to the sunlight coming through the trees. These paintings are a great way to refresh dated and faded photo memories creating  something new and beautiful.


Here's the photo I sent the client for final approval. I was just adding some final color glazes to the flowers before varnishing.


Another comparison of the original photo I used as reference to guide the finished acrylic painting


Here's a close up view of the groom

Groom-Close-UpGroom-Close-Up An even closer view. In actual viewing you don't really notice the canvas texture on these paintings so much. A person rarely gets this close to the art when viewing, but it's neat to see some of the fine brushwork that goes into one of our acrylic portraits.

Painting-of-BridePainting-of-Bride The Bride

painting-pearlspainting-pearls The Pearls. I usually add more color in pearls but I kept these a more matrimonial white.


A quick photo of the framed painting outside the studio before delivery to the client.

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