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We really love our grandparents but sometimes don't have many photos of them. This client a memorial portrait painting of her grandparents to give her dad as a Father's Day gift. We had two photos to work from that were not the best. I always get inspired from a challenge. We did a number of preliminary sketches to come up with a composition that had all the elements precious to the client. The result was wonderful. The two reference photos were some years apart. The client liked certain elements from each, so we focused on those. I completed the painting with details that matched the client's favorite memories of her grandparents.

Here are some close ups of the faces in this grandparents portrait. 

A detailed view of the pose of the hands and bodies in the painting.

I loved painting the belt. There's something about a grandfather and his clothing that I love. It tells volumes about their personality.

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What a priceless item for your home - A painting of our Grandma and Grandpa.