Hunt Fish Paint | Taxidermist Wholesale Program

Our Taxidermist Wholesale Program is in the final testing stages and we are now ready to take your orders. Over the coming weeks we will be adding marketing materials, project details, and new products that will allow you to have exciting profit opportunities for your studio. We will announce related but alternative products for certain clients that will make you extra dollars and serve to boost awareness of your work and increase sales of your mounts.

We operated a full time studio for 15 years before opening our trophy portrait studio, so we understand your industry and will have custom products tailored just for you.

Although our portraits are popular with people who don't feel taxidermy best suits their style, most of our clients own both a mount and a trophy portrait. They display one at home and one at the office or weekend cabin. Portraits are popular with clients who desire to include elements of their outdoor experience that are difficult to portray in a mount, such as including a family member or friend who accompanied them on the hunt. Many of our clients got a mount for themselves and a portrait to send to their dad or grandpa who hunted with them. We have painted hunting portraits that were included into mount bases and used to finish the back of large pedestal mounts such as cape buffalo.

These portraits are just like good mounts in that they are incredibly difficult to show off on a website. Clients have to see these live to "get it". We suggest you order one for yourself that you can display in your studio. Folks will be drawn to it and will ask where they can get one done for themselves. The ladies go nuts over our paintings as Father's Day and Christmas gifts.

Wholesale prices are exactly half of the regular prices listed on this website. You order from us just as any other client would but pay 50% less. You are then free to add whatever mark up you desire - up to the suggested retail price. We are a full custom shop so we welcome any arrangement that best suits you and your clients. Our turn times are good and pricing comparable to quality taxidermy. We also do high end work suitable for the most elite safari room displays. We produce diorama style murals for clients such as Walt Disney, Hilton Hotels and others. You can view some of those commercial projects at our art and decor website

We will be adding info on this page with full pricing details and downloadable flyers you can forward to your clients and we are happy to add your studio logo to these materials for you. You can view our Outfitters brochure here just note that the final version will have updated pricing, etc.

If you have an interest in learning more, please send us an email at so we can communicate to you when we have all the details posted to this section of the website. We appreciate and admire the work of talented taxidermists worldwide. We hope you appreciate our creativity as well. Feel free to contact us at any time day or night. We are passionate about hunting, fishing and anything related to wildlife so we would like to know about your studio even if you don't have orders for us at this time.

We will keep you posted on the rollout of our Taxidermist Wholesale Program and hope to serve you in your quest for success.

A.J. and Jordan Wood 

Phone: 417-621-5849